Dance Lessons and Personal Choreography
A wedding celebration is not complete without a little dancing. With her patient and empowering techniques, Sue can choreograph and teach anything from first dances, bridal party dances, flash-mobs, father-daughter dances, and mother-son dances. 

Lesson 1: A breakdown of your personalized dance, step by step. You will receive written instructions of the steps that correspond with the lyrics to the song you've chosen.

Lesson 2: Practice putting the dance combinations together with the music. Make any changes necessary to the steps. 

Lesson 3: Fine tune and perfect your moves, leaving you with the confidence and skills to successfully perform your dance. 

Pricing starts at $375
Sue's Background

Sue has an extensive background in the art of dance. She studied at Johns Hopkins Peabody Conservatory and graduated from Towson University. During her time as a dance student, she taught at Arthur Murray Dance Studio. She has also danced professionally in productions in New York. 
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