Meet our DJ's and MC/Coordinators
The Dance Masters Entertainment team has been providing award-winning service to the Baltimore area for over 30 years. We are unique in that we offer a two-person event team with a DJ to focus on the music and an MC/Coordinator to help the day run smoothly. They work together to give careful attention to every detail and create a stress-free environment for your event.
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Don Fowler

Owner, Operator, DJ, Lighting Tech
As one of the founders of Dance Masters Entertainment, Don has a reputation for being passionate, professional, energetic, and dedicated. If you're looking for a creative blend of classic and current music, Don is your guy. His 30+ years of experience will make him a hit at any event.
Mail: mymail@mailservice.com
Phone: 555-555-5555

Sue Fowler

Owner, Operator, Coordinator, MC, Dancer
As co-founder of Dance Master's Entertainment, Sue brings a warm and friendly energy to events as a bridal coordinator and MC. With a background in both dance and many aspects of the wedding industry, Sue brings a unique insight to your event and makes every effort to help your day run smoothly. 

Derek Heckler

DJ, MC, IT Specialist
Derek, a recent nominee of the "DJ Times: DJ of the Year" and the winner of the "DJ Times: Game of the Year," offers unparalleled DJ expertise. His extensive background in IT allows him to offer you the latest DJ technologies and his excellent coordination skills will bring you exactly what you were expecting and more.

Tim Hamel

DJ, MC, Dancer
Tim's reputation precedes him as a charismatic and interactive DJ. His strong background in theater and dance makes him a natural on the microphone and on the dance floor. When he's not working as a DJ, Tim is a nurse at GBMC. From his musical skills to his heartfelt passion, Tim's a hit with all ages. 
Mail: mymail@mailservice.com
Phone: 555-555-5555

Dena Fowler

Lighting Tech, Bridal Coordinator, Dancer
Daughter of Don and Sue, Dena grew up with a passion for music and dance. Her lifelong experience assisting her parents with weddings has given her the perfect preparation for her own career in the industry. When she's not working at weddings, Dena is a nurse at JHMC. Her enthusiastic professionalism is an asset to any event. 

Chris Reisler

DJ, MC, Dancer
With his extensive background as a DJ, professional dance instructor, and in theater, Chris has no problem capturing the attention of an audience and keeping them on the dance floor all night long. Professional in all aspects of life, he works as a project manager when he's not DJ-ing. Chris's calm, laid-back demeanor helps keep your event fun and stress-free!

Mike Czajkowski

DJ, MC, Dancer, IT Specialist
Into music since he was a kid and a professional DJ for many years, Mike's ability to put on a good show separates him from the crowd. His IT experience definitely shows in his organization and efficiency. He's passionate about pop and classic music and is sure to bring a modern yet timeless feel to your event. 
Mail: mymail@mailservice.com
Phone: 555-555-5555

Becky Reed

Bilingual MC, Coordinator 
Becky is an extremely talented bilingual MC/Coordinator. Her outgoing, organized, and detail-oriented demeanor and her fluency in Spanish make her a great asset to any event. When she's not working at weddings, Becky loves her job as a high school teacher and JV volleyball coach. An all-around people-person, Becky livens up the party while making sure the day runs seamlessly. 

Genelle Fredericks

Coordinator, Videographer
As a Jewish, Afro-Caribbean twin, Genelle is one of a kind! Her unique charm, positivity, and excellent organization make her a great coordinator. When she's not organizing weddings, she works as a community health care worker at HCGH. She also helps capture  creative videos of our DJ's and MC's in action! 
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